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vacuum_shutterstock_748494502This cleaning procedure is often neglected, but is the most important step in keeping a carpet clean. It removes surface dirt and helps prevent soil from setting deep into the carpet fiber. Here are a few simple but important steps to remember.




  • Using a Hepa Filter vacuum, adjust setting to lightly brush carpet, then in a back and forth and overlapping pattern, vacuum the entire area. Move as much furniture as you can to ensure you are vacuuming as much of the area as possible.
  • Use the edge tool to vacuum all corners and edges.
  • If you notice a spot on the carpet quickly remove it using GTC Carpet / Fabric Stain and Spot Remover or any spot remover you have available. Directions for spot removal
  • Always inspect your vacuum to ensure there are no breaks in the electrical line.
  • Always change your collection bag or dust cup. This ensures the motor will not burn out from overworking.
  • Always make sure your vacuum is clean and the hoses and lines are free from clogs.

Operational Tips:
1. Adjusting brush too deep reduces efficiency

2. The bag 1/4 full will reduce cleaning by 50%


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