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Protect Your Workers From Head To Toe

girl_cleaning_shutterstock_252454870-2Article by Kathleen Misovic for Cleaning Management Magazine
Mark Warner, education manager with ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute (CMI), recalls a worker who wore sneakers to strip a floor. The worker’s sneakers and shoes became soaked with the stripping solution, but he finished the job without stopping to change his footwear, which eventually dried.
Later, when he removed his shoes and socks, he realized he had made a huge mistake. Several layers of his skin had peeled off with them. The worker had severe burns and needed skin grafting.
“When you get a burn from a highly caustic alkaline substance, such as floor strippers, the substance burns deeply below the surface of skin with all the nerves. You often don’t realize what has happened until you try to remove your shoes and socks,” Read more

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