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My Experience When Cleaning Waterless Urinals

waterless_urinal_IMG_6212By Ben Walker for CleanLink-I can remember the day vividly. It was a spring morning in 2006. I was in San Diego to get started on a consulting project with a new client. As I walked through on the first day of performing my usual first-day-on-the-job tasks, I encountered something that I’d only read about in magazines and heard of in presentations: waterless urinals.“Marvelous!” I thought to myself. “They’ll reduce water usage by (whatever number the case studies said that I’d read at the time).”I went about my business: counting fixtures, measuring spaces, counting stairwells and stairs. I went to the top floor and walked down sequentially to determine ideal routes. I entered my numbers into my spreadsheet and left town knowing that I’d done an amazing job for my clients.

Little did I know that there was a brutal storm ahead.  Read more 


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