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Minimize Mold

mold_shutterstock_771824071By Doug Hoffman
Mold is ubiquitous. In more simple terms, it can be found everywhere. When we open or close the front door, mold spores rush in behind us. When we open the window to get some fresh air, mold spores float right in. Even in commercial environments where fresh air make-up is part of the air conditioning system, mold spores are an inevitable uninvited guest. 
When mold spores are given the right temperature, moisture or humidity level, and food source, they begin to grow; when they begin to grow the indoor environment smells musty. If you can smell mold, you can be sure your facility has fallen victim.
Some folks are highly allergic to mold, so it’s important to locate it to reduce contamination levels. But where is a good place to start? Read more

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