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GTC® Zinc-Free Floor Finish


Greening The Cleaning® Zinc-Free Floor Finish can be used on all types of resilient tile flooring and properly prepared hard surfaces to provide a durable finish that can be maintained with proper scrub and recoat procedures, spray buffing and hi-speed burnishing.
This product meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-40 based on effective performance and protective limits on VOCs and human & environmental toxicity.
Low odor and complies with CARB VOC standards. 25% solids

Color          Dilution          Fragrance      
White          RTU                None                  Greenseal

Product Codes:           Available Sizes:           
DIC 12 640.13.1               1 Gal 4/Cs                    
DIC 12 640.13.5               5 Gal Pail


Strip and Recoat

  • Before application, remove old finish with a floor stripper using a black pad.
  • Pick up stripper solution using a wet vacuum.
  • Thoroughly rinse and let floor dry.
  • Apply 3-4 coats of Zinc-Free Floor Finish.
  • Allow 30 minutes or when dry to touch between coats.

Scrub And Recoat

Recoat as needed. Dry mop area. Scrub with appropriate pad (blue, green or brown) and All Purpose Cleaner. Pick up solution using wet vacuum. Rinse and let dry. Apply 1-2 coaqts of Zinc-Free Floor Finish.


Applications / Where To Use

  • Use with a mop on application
  • Use with a finish applicator

Water, Acrylic Polymer Emulsion, Diethylene Glycol Ethyl Ether, Tributoxyethyl Phosphate, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate

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