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GTC® Winter Wash Neutral Floor Cleaner

GTC_WinterWash_Hi_ResGreening The Cleaning® Winter Wash Neutral Floor Cleaner concentrate is a neutral floor cleaner formulated to revitalize your floor finish by demineralizing salt deposits on VCT, marble and stone floors. It also works well as a carpet extraction cleaner to remove white salt deposits in your carpeted areas.  

Color          Dilution          Fragrance                             ecologo_new
Green         1.5 oz/gal       None

Product Codes:           Available Sizes:       
DIN 15 640.14.1            1 Gal 4/Cs 



For routine winter use: Dilute with 1.5 oz. per gallon of cold/unheated tap water. Mop daily.

For heavy film: Dilute with 3 oz. per gallon of cold/unheated tap water. Apply solution liberally with mop, allow to soak for a few minutes. Ring out mop and pick up dissolved ice melt. Can also be used in automatic scrubbers.                                                    

Applications / Where To Use

  • For use in daily mopping.
  • Can be used in an automatic scrubber.

Water, Sodium Citrate, Alcohol Ethoxylate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Benzenesulfonic Acid


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