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Greening Your School

kids__kites1You have the power to protect your children from poisons, in and out of the classroom.  As vital as it is for parents to instill in kids a thirst for knowledge, we must also be mindful of our children’s health at school and at home. Read more


kids_in_classHealthy Schools Network

Founded in 1995, Healthy Schools Network is an award winning 501c3 that has fostered the national healthy school environments movement. It is widely recognized as the nation’s leading voice for children’s environmental health at school. As an EPA and CDC partner, its expertise is also recognized by Congress, NGOs, university centers, NGOs, and the media. Read more

globe_sustainabilityEnvironmental Education and Sustainability in U.S. Public Schools.

By Paul Chapman
Environmental education and sustainability practices in schools have been emerging as an important trend in 21st century education, and a growing body of research and practice indicates that green schools can save money, improve health, and boost academic achievement.
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greening_your_schoolAccording to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, more than 60 million Americans — one-fifth of the population — spend their days inside school buildings as students, faculty, staff and administration.

We all have fond memories of school – classmates, favorite activities. School makes a life-long impression on each of us, because it is the time in our lives when we can enjoy freedom and growth.
Yet during this stage, students are also most susceptible to toxins that exist in their schools, as a result of many commonly-used products, from cleaning agents to pesticides. Fortunately, there are green alternatives available, such as our own line of institutional Greening The Cleaning® products, in use in numerous school districts and successfully tested for New York City schools. Our program is also leading the way on standards for health and safety. (See how our stringent product standards stack up.)


kids_in_classroomistock_000011537102smallGreen Your Kid's School

7 Secrets To Getting It Done  
Ask your school principal or administrator for the product name of all the cleaning supplies used. Ask to see the full list of ingredients. You have the right to ask and know.  If they use products that don't list all ingredients then it isn't a green product. You want to know what chemicals if any your child is being exposed to.
Our GTC products have full disclosure of all ingredients and don't contain chemicals that are carcinogenic, neurotoxicants, hormone or endocrine distruptors.


Diverse_Group_Kids6 Back-to-School Tips for Healthier Kids

It all happens so quickly. One minute you’re dropping the kids off at day camp and the next you’re sitting in an aisle of your local drugstore, staring at the shiny new binders, No. 2 pencils, and superhero-themed backpacks. Learn more








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