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Cleaning Tip of the Month


7 Step Cleaning Process

girl_guy_cleaningThis month we will look at the 7 Step Cleaning Process. This is basically an industry standard though one or two steps may differ in order depending on the facility specifications. This is an important process to follow.  It ensures the person cleaning covers all areas and does not miss a step. 

Here is how we start

Knock on Door/ Place wet floor sign outside work area

1. Empty trash and clean waste receptacle inside and out. Replace liner.
2. Hi  dust- Work counterclockwise around the room. Hi dust everything above shoulder level. Use extension pole for hard to reach areas.
3. Damp wipe surfaces. Utilize a neutral disinfectant or all purpose cleaner for all areas except glass. Be sure to wipe down all hi touch areas such as telephones, door knobs and light switches.
4. Stock supplies- soap, paper towels, toilet tissue.
5. Dust mop – Dust mop under all furniture, behind doors and move any items possible.
6. Your inspection - Correct any deficiencies and report any repairs to plant operations.The reason for performing your inspection in this step is so you are not walking across your wet floor at the end of cleaning.
7. Damp mop-Using a properly diluted cleaner, mop along the edges and into the corners then cut into the middle using a figure 8 pattern.

For  Restrooms follow the same procedure except be sure to utilize a disinfectant on all areas. Also when entering a restroom place your toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl and urinals first. Let sit and come back to clean when wiping down the surfaces.  Use a bowl brush in the commode and do not use the same cleaning cloth on any other surface after it is used on the toilet bowl.

1. For the removal of hard water deposits or stains on your porcelain or stainless steel, utilize a cream cleanser. 
2. For dusty porous drop ceilings,use a backpack vacuum with brush, this will allow you to easily remove the dust without damaging the tile or causing debris to fall.
3. I tell supervisors when performing inspections to follow the same steps, look at the trash can, then observe the hi dusting, surfaces and floors.

Carpet Cleaning with Extractor System

carpet_extractor_rug_shutterstock_1063381166Carpets can create a rich and lavish look in many facilities while evoking a warm, home-like feeling. On the flip-side, a carpet that is not properly maintained can, as they say in our business, “Ugly Out” Read more




vacuum_shutterstock_748494502This cleaning procedure is often neglected, but is the most important step in keeping a carpet clean. It removes surface dirt and helps prevent soil from setting deep into the carpet fiber. Here are a few simple but important steps to remember. Read more


The Importance of Handwashing

hand_washing_shutterstock_630315251No matter where you work, play or relax frequent handwashing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. Many diseases and conditions are transmitted by not washing hands with soap and clean, running water. Read more


"One Man's Waste is Another Man's Treasure"

Blue_Wrap_DressesIt’s finally getting warm and it is that time of the year for getting rid of old junk and cleaning up for spring, but this month, I am going to give a tip for those of us who work in a hospital or surgery center, on cleaning up something different. Blue wrap! Blue wrap plays a crucial role in maintaining the sterility of surgical instruments prior to use in operating rooms. Read more

Bring Your Floor Surfaces Back to Life

floorAfter a harsh winter, the floors in your facility need some TLC. Most of us have tight budgets and cannot afford to provide continuous refinishing with the risk of another storm and pounds of ice melt placed out to ruin your floor’s appearance once again. Read more




Understanding Microfiber Tools

microfiber_rag_shutterstock_664613347Microfiber products have come a long way since their introduction in the 1950s.  Microfiber cloths are now available in many colors and sizes and can be found in the form of mops, sweepers and hi-dusters. They are economical, reusable and play a major part in green cleaning initiatives. Read more


The Importance of Training

Training_shutterstock_crop_349455404Training is the most essential part of ensuring consistent and proper cleaning procedures. It communicates what is expected of your staff, increases job satisfaction, sharpens skills, and contributes to financial gain and efficiency in the workplace. Read more


Maintaining Your Lobby Floors During Winter Months

Auto_scrubber_shutterstock_230117131First impressions count.  That’s why it’s so important to always keep your facility looking great, especially in the winter months.  
Between the ice melt, snow, dirty water and debris being tracked in and of course staff shortages, it seemed like an impossible task to keep floors in top shape. Read more



The Importance of Entrance Mats

With winter upon us, leaves are blowing throughout the streets and ice melt is already being spread outside your facility and on your entrance floors. That's why quality entrance mats will be the most essential tool you have in keeping your floors looking good. They should be utilized in every entrance of your building and directly outside its entrance points. Read more



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